Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Babies Born by Cesarean Greater Risk of Obesity

Babies born by cesarean section turned out to be two times more likely to be obese compared to babies born normally. Similarly, the researchers revealed from Children's Hospital Boston in Massachusetts, United States.

Researchers found an association between body mass, skin thickness and how a baby is born. According to them, doubling the likelihood of obesity in infants born to fault occurred when the child was three years old.

In research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, the researchers stated that a cesarean section are likely to affect the bacteria found in the intestines which then affects the digestion of food.

The researchers say that the most likely explanation of the differences in composition of gut bacteria is that it happens because of differences in the birth process.

They therefore advised the mothers who gave birth by Cesarean aware of the risk of obesity in their babies.

The results of a study of 1255 pairs of mothers and babies during the year 1999-2002 also showed that mothers who gave birth by Cesarean section tended to be heavier than those who give birth normally.

But according to Patrick O'Brien, a spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, although the results are interesting "study was too small." "It should be replicated with a larger sample a lot," he said.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips on How Children are not Spoiled

One of the main factors that make children become spoiled is the environment or the people who are around. Therefore, do not entirely blame the child if he grew up to be a spoiled child

Then how tricks for children not to be spoiled? Small tips below may be stock you make your child become more independent.

Let Him Self

  • Educate children do activities alone, though the quality he produces still not perfect. Let him feed himself, although it is still a mess.
  • Grow and develop a sense of confidence in his ability to provide the opportunity to practice and appreciate the child's efforts. Give praise when he is successful but do not overdo it.
  • Serving children do if your child did not do an activity itself. For example, cut up chicken or meat when eating or picking up toys from the top of a high cabinet.

Hopefully, Tips on How Children are not Spoiled is useful for parents